Welcome to the Teaching and Learning with Technology website at Stony Brook University. The purpose of this page is to provide information about Teaching and Learning with technology at Stony Brook. Should you have any questions, please contact Instructional Computing at: 631-632-8050

Focus on Faculty

Stay tuned here for examples of how faculty here are Stony Brook are using technology in the classroom

The Center for Excellence in learning and teaching is a valuable resource for pedagogical innovation. The CELT facility is centrally located in the Frank Melville, Jr. Memorial Library on the West Campus of Stony Brook University. The facility includes a large seminar room, which holds up to 75 people for workshops and special events, as well as a state-of-the-art multimedia lab that supports the development of faculty-initiated electronic and multimedia learning and teaching projects. CELT can assist you to create multimedia projects for use in curriculum or grant proposals. We are able to give direction to educators seeking new mediums by which to educate; such as how to integrate online resources for pedagogal goals, or configuring multimedia to augment lessons. Instructors are encouaged to visit CELT to discover what we can achieve for you. Give us a call at 631-632-1033 or visit: http://www.celt.sunysb.edu/

Educational Technologies provides a wide variety of audio visual and media support services including: classroom presentation systems, television production and editing, video teleconferencing, satellite programming and access to the campus cable television system. Professional staff is available to help integrate and implement technology with educational programs, and assist with repair, design and installation of media systems. Services are provided in support of traditional classroom instruction, distance learning, research and special events. Our Academic Facilities Manager is responsible for classroom furniture, blackboards and maintenance issues. For more information please call 631-632-9400 or visit: http://www.javits.sunysb.edu/

The Department of Instructional Computing offers instructional computing support to students, faculty, and staff. Faculty who are interested in teaching with technology should contact the department if they have any questions including Blackboard, Class websites, and Instructional Design for on-line materials. The department is responsible for maintaining the 12 SINC Sites on campus (Computer labs for students). We encourage all faculty to contact us regarding software they are using with their classes to see if students will be able to use the software in our sites. In addition, we do offer computer workshops for students, faculty and staff. Instructors can request hands on workshops for small classes on topics such as Power Point and Online Portfolios.

The University Libraries has over 350 fully searchable online databases and over 12,000 full-text electronic journals, in addition to 2 million print holdings. The Libraries' instructional program aims to help students and faculty become more aware and better users of its services and resources for teaching and research. Because more and more resources are available online, we want to help our users better navigate this medium.

  • We offer workshops on using the catalog, databases, electronic journals and books, and general web resources.
  • There are two networked electronic classrooms to facilitate research instruction in the Main Library.
  • We offer in-class demonstrations for large sections.
  • We regularly conduct tours of the facilities to familiarize users of the technologies and services that are available.
  • Instructors are encouraged to consult librarians on effectively designing research assignments.

Instructors are asked to request customized sessions at least two weeks ahead to ensure availability. Stop by the Reference Desk in the Main Library, contact Janet Clarke (632-1217, Janet.Clarke@stonybrook.edu), or fill out the online request form (http://naples.cc.sunysb.edu/Lib/libforms.nsf/sessions).

The Center for Healthcare Informatics Education:

The Center is responsible for the library's information literacy and core informatics training of Health Sciences Center faculty, staff, and students. Librarians assist users in making optimal use of available resources to fulfill their individual information needs. In addition to individual assistance, program integrated instruction and monthly workshops of networked resources are provided by Center staff.

Health Sciences Library: http://www.hsclib.sunysb.edu/

Information Systems (HSC Library):

The Systems Department provides instructional computing facilities and services to faculty, staff, and students. Visit the Barry S. Coller Learning Center and take advantage of our advanced computer lab and electronic classrooms.

Media Services (HSC) :

The division of Media Services mission is to provide members of the teaching, clinical, research and community service populations of the Health Sciences Center and University Hospital with graphic production and support services.
The four functional units that operate under the division of Media Services are:
Audio Visual Services
Classroom Scheduling
Medical Graphics
Medical Photography
All production services listed in this site are also available to campus and off-site clients. For more information visit: http://www.uhmc.sunysb.edu/mediasvs/index.html